Traffic in Hanoi

The streets of Hanoi

My first time driving a motorbike in Hanoi was a pretty nerve-racking experience.

It was my fourth day in town and I had never driven a motorbike before. My main concern was learning the controls of the bike. Figuring out how to start, stop, turn and signal was my primary focus. Only secondarily did I consider the actual other people on the road.

After a couple of sessions on the bike I got a better feel for the handling. I also developed a sense of when to yield and when to go.

Now riding my bike is something I actually enjoy. You have to be alert at all times, but the roads seem surprisingly orderly once you understand the traffic patterns and rhythms. Maybe I’m kidding myself, but at least it seems that way. It’s all mostly instinctive, anyways.

The video below is of me taking my bike for a spin around town, beginning and ending at my house. It was around 11 AM on a Wednesday. At the end you can see a brief tour of my house.

And don’t worry mom, I’m wearing a helmet!

Bonus: Check out this really cool video of traffic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.