On the northern frontier

In the northern Vietnamese hinterlands

A couple weeks ago I took a motorbike trip through Hà Giang province in northern Vietnam. It is considered one of the most beautiful parts of Vietnam with its rugged, mountainous terrain and breathtaking views. It is also one of the least explored areas of the country, having been largely inaccessible due to a lack of reliable roads until recently.

The weather was mostly overcast and included some light rain with temperatures in the 60’s Fahrenheit. There were some warmer spots, but the sun was hidden the majority of the time. The views were constantly amazing and it was really neat to see all the ethnic Hmong people in their brightly colored outfits along the mountains. They continue to live a very traditional lifestyle of subsistence agriculture.

Below are a few unedited videos I took from the trip. The other person in some of the videos is Gita, my (former) housemate from Canada.