Gloria Jean's Coffees in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Gloria Jean’s Coffees in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Ever since the beginning of March, I’ve been recording certain details whenever I visit a coffee shop. Specifically, I make note of these things:

  • Date
  • Time rounded to nearest half hour
  • Name of coffee shop
  • Geocoordinates
  • My drink
  • Price of drink
  • WiFi download speed
  • WiFi upload speed
  • Speedtest results

Below is the data I’ve gathered over the last 55 days and provides a snapshot into my coffee shop migration patterns.

A few of the speed measurements around the middle of March seem inaccurate due to issues I had with the tool. (I’m not sure if it was my computer or the website that had the issue.)

3/114:30Highlands CoffeeAmericano44000 VND7.415.83
3/219:30Oriberry CoffeeAmericano28000 VND0.951.94
3/220:00Cong CapheCoconut coffee35000 VND49.9224.77
3/222:00Cong CapheYogurt coffee40000 VND36.9328.98
3/311:30Highlands CoffeeAmericano54000 VND7.459.65
3/313:30Cong CapheTea by the pot30000 VND50.4734.89
3/317:00Highlands CoffeeVietnamese black coffee29000 VND5.673.43
3/321:00Cong CapheCoconut coffee smoothie45000 VND32.3134.35
3/412:00Cong CapheCoconut coffee35000 VND11.884.41
3/414:30Highlands CoffeeVietnamese black coffee29000 VND6.113.78
3/422:00Highlands CoffeeAmericano44000 VND9.149.72
3/511:00Highlands CoffeeAmericano44000 VND4.948.89
3/514:00Cong CapheCoconut coffee35000 VND27.7615.07
3/517:30Oriberry CoffeeShort black28000 VND3.490.75
3/614:00Highlands CoffeeAmericano44000 VND7.999.79
3/616:30Oriberry CoffeeEspresso28000 VND8.31.76
3/714:00Oriberry CoffeeCappuccino45000 VND4.543.6
3/718:30Cong CapheCoconut coffee35000 VND31.425.84
3/719:00Oriberry CoffeeVietnamese black coffee28000 VND1.930.38
3/810:00Highlands CoffeeAmericano44000 VND9.151.63
3/811:30i-Feel CoffeeVietnamese black coffee35000 VND22.515.95
3/914:00Oriberry CoffeeAmericano28000 VND1.680.71
3/918:00Cong CapheCoconut coffee smoothie45000 VND13.296.26
3/919:00Cong CapheCoffee with fresh milk35000 VND28.7225.75
3/920:30Cong CapheTea by the pot30000 VND32.9834.72
3/1013:00Trung Nguyen CoffeeMother Land coffee50000 VND9.568.3
3/1014:30Trung Nguyen CoffeeL'Amour coffee50000 VND8.758.05
3/1015:30StarbucksCoffee of the day50000 VND43.3335.71
3/1017:30StarbucksCoffee of the day50000 VND22.8718.81
3/1020:00StarbucksCoffee of the day50000 VND44.3747.86
3/1111:00Oriberry CoffeeAmericano28000 VND0.765.59
3/1113:00Highlands CoffeeAmericano44000 VND2.152.1
3/1213:00Cong CapheCoconut coffee35000 VND2.484.05
3/1313:30Highlands CoffeeAmericano44000 VND0.640.05
3/1319:00Oriberry CoffeeAmericano28000 VND6.651.38
3/1320:00Cong CapheCoconut coffee smoothie45000 VND49.2434.78
3/1419:30JomaAmericano30000 VND34.10.99
3/1615:30Highlands CoffeeVietnamese black coffee29000 VND3.150.4
3/1714:30StarbucksCoffee of the day50000 VND9.146.18
3/1716:30StarbucksCoffee of the day50000 VND14.279.59
3/188:00StarbucksCoffee of the day50000 VND0.290.08
3/1812:00StarbucksAmericano55000 VND278.157.1
3/1912:00Cong CapheCoconut coffee smoothie45000 VND12.824.11
3/1919:30Cong CapheCoconut coffee smoothie45000 VND0.980.44
3/2014:30Highlands CoffeeAmericano44000 VND3.127.44
3/2017:30Cong CaphePassion fruit yogurt smoothie50000 VND347.361.88
3/2220:00Cong CapheSoda water30000 VND0.2422.1
3/2913:30StarbucksAmericano55000 VND3.077.99
3/2914:00StarbucksCoffee of the day50000 VND9.510.35
3/3012:00Oriberry CoffeeBrewed coffee50000 VND1.120.04
3/3013:00Highlands CoffeeAmericano54000 VND3.179.21
4/215:00Costa CoffeeAmericano3.3 USD2.033.41
4/315:00Common GroundsCoffee1.25 USD3.142.98
4/611:30The 1961 Coworking and Art SpaceBrewed coffee2 USD8.6212.4
4/711:30Gloria Jean's CoffeesAmericano2.85 USD4.8422.7
4/911:30Gloria Jean's CoffeesAmericano2.3 USD4.821.16
4/913:30Gloria Jean's CoffeesCaffè Latte2.55 USD3.9719.9
4/914:00Gloria Jean's CoffeesCrème Brûlée Chiller3.45 USD4.4621.82
4/920:00Gloria Jean's CoffeesCookies 'n Cream Chiller3.25 USD9.7318.27
4/1011:00The 1961 Coworking and Art SpaceBrewed coffee2 USD7.610.67
4/1111:00Gloria Jean's CoffeesCoffee of the day2.85 USD9.6924.12
4/1319:00Gloria Jean's CoffeesSalted Caramel Matcha Chiller3 USD9.1611.82
4/1414:30Gloria Jean's CoffeesAmericano3.1 USD3.889.63
4/1515:00Jean's CaféAmericano2.25 USD3.363.1
4/1516:30Gloria Jean's CoffeesCoffee of the day2.3 USD4.8122.79
4/2019:00Gloria Jean's CoffeesMint Chocolate Bomb Chiller3.35 USD7.1915.82
4/2313:30Gloria Jean's CoffeesVoltage Chiller3.25 USD3.2220.2
4/2318:00Gloria Jean's CoffeesVery Vanilla Chiller3.25 USD9.6724.06
4/2411:30Gloria Jean's CoffeesAmericano2.85 USD4.3122.4
4/2413:30The GlasshouseCoffee3.5 USD4.884.76